How does work? monitors your car or hotel reservation 24/7 and will notify you once the price drops. You can then cancel the original reservation and immediately rebook the same one for less.

The most convenient way to use is to install our browser extension (available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera). Find out more. may work like magic but there is not magic involve. Sorry 🙁

Take a look at all we do in this step-by-step guide below.


Let us know about your reservation

We need to know your email addressdates of your reservation, what type of room or a car have you booked and what the free cancellation date is, specifically.

Only once we know all these information we can start looking for better price.

To make us aware of your reservation you can either resend us booking confirmation for your existing reservations, make the reservation through our website or install our browser extension that sends us all the data automatically.


We will monitor your reservation 24/7

Hotel and car rental prices change over time for various reasons, such as:

  • people cancel their reservation freeing up previously booked rooms
  • hotels can change their prices or adjust discount policies
  • there is a special limited-time discount going on at one of the booking websites
  • …etc.

Once we have all the information we need we can start looking for a better price. We will always look for the exact same room type, hotel and dates as your original reservation has.


Get notified to rebook and save

We will send you an email notification once we find a better deal. We factor in cancellation costs so we don’t bother you with notifications that don’t make sense.

The notification message is written with simple language and contains information about the reservation, the new price, total savings and links to cancel the old reservation and make a new one.

It’s really simple to use.


Cancel your original reservation and make a new one

Quickly and easily cancel your original reservation and make a new one with direct links we include in the email notification.

We will keep watch over the new reservation as well and let you know if the price decreases even further.


Enjoy the savings

That wasn’t too hard, was it? 🙂

Start saving on all your hotel and car reservations today! Resend us booking confirmations for all the reservations you’ve already made. And make sure to download our browser extension to enroll all your future bookings automatically.

In case you have questions...

Please visit our FAQ section or get in touch with our customer support team at any time. We are here for you!

Let's start saving TODAY!

Download our browser extension and enroll all your hotel reservations into automatically.

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